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The Allegheny East Conference Department of Youth Ministries exists for the purpose of assisting and developing the leadership skills of youth, federation officers, and local church leaders in order to hold, train, and win young people to Jesus Christ.

Tentative Retreat Weekend Schedule

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August 11-16, 2014 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Forever Faithful International Camporee


Important AEC Adventurer Documents

Allegheny East Pathfinder Club Association Website

2014 Bible Bowl Information


Federation Area                  Date             Location
New Jersey                         May 3rd            TBA
Bay                                     May 10th          TBA
Delaware Valley                  May 17th          TBA
Virginia Area                       May 24th          TBA
Metro & BAYHA                 May 31st           TBA
New Jersey vs BAY Area   June 7th             TBA
Delaware Valley vs Virginia June 14th           TBA
FINALS at Pine Forge           June 28th

Winner of New Jersey & Bay Area game will go to Pine Forge
Winner of Delaware Valley & Virginia game will go to Pine Forge

Please contact Bro. Chris Campbell with any questions.
Cell: 302-898-9018/E-mail:

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2014 Camp Davis

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Summer Ministries

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President: Margaret Jones (Montclair)
Vice-President: Erle Thomas (Metropolitan)
Secretary: D'Jenneth McLean (Trinity)
Asst. Secretary: Shawnell Henry (Asst. Secretary)
Treasurer: Jackie Williams (Trinity)
Parliamentarian: Horane Henry (Oranges)
Music Coordinator: Michael Duvernay (Salem)
Asst. Music Coordinator: Kellon Hutchinson (Oranges)
Athletic Director: Robert Louis (Montclair)
Public Relations: Clint Brown (Oranges)
Asst. Public Relations: Jeremy Lewis (Montclair)
Social Coordinator: Rony Desarme (Bethlehem)
Chaplain: Raynard Joseph (Metropolitan)
Community Service Coordinator: Arnold Matonda (Bethel)

North Jersey Youth Federation is pleased to announce the launch of its fully-featured website 

Clips from the Youth Retreat weekend (April 12-14, 2013)!





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