Who Are They? Meet the 2018 Task Force!

Every year a group of young people, commissioned by AEC's Youth Department, spend eight weeks of their summer on our grounds. They range from teens to young adults. They come from as far as Virginia to California. And as the name suggests, they are an indomitable force tasked with everything from camp meeting prep to running the Children's Camp during camp meeting, while also working in Bennie's Place (snack bar), only to have one week to prep before Camp Davis, then working the 2-week camp of 9-16 year olds, only to turn around and then break down everything they've set up to prepare for the next event. Whew! If that sounded like a mouthful, it's because it is! Sometimes these tasks go unnoticed by many, but Task Force team 2018, we see you and we say thank you.

We had a handful who were veterans on the team, and a large majority who were newbies. I chatted with them briefly to take a little peak into who they are and what they gained from the experience. One thing most had in common is that they learned a thing or two about patience. No surprise there!  


Jared Scott, 19, New Jersey

School: Sophomore at Oakwood University, physical therapy major

My Responsibility as Director: "To man, plan, and execute. It's hard work, but it’s worth it because of the smile on their faces."

Growth: "I've learned how to work with people and how to not just build, but sustain the strength of a team. It requires a lot of thought and intentionality."

Campers say? "I'm approachable to an extent and that I like to have fun, but they know it’s a problem."


Breana "Bre" Clairmont,  20, Pennsylvania

Responsibility: Girls Director

School: Junior at Oakwood University, social work major

For Fun: "I like baking, especially cakes. I love adding my own touch to other recipes."

Growth: "Over the last four years, I've learned lots of patience and how to handle responsibility."

Campers say: "I'm nice and strict."



Joshua  "Josh" Bruce-McKenley, 19, New Jersey

Responsibility: Boys Director

School: Sophomore at Union County College (NJ), math and Spanish major, seeking an actuarial degree

For Fun: "I like to play ping pong, basketball, soccer, and the piano."

Growth: "I've learned how to deal with stressful situations and how to approach people. Kids teach you how to treat others. Kids just want to have fun."

Campers say: "I'm strict and fun. They say I'm the best counselor because I've built trust with them."


Brittany Murillo, 17, Maryland

School: High school senior at Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy

For Fun: "I enjoy photography and sports, especially soccer and friends."

Growth: "Meeting the kids and seeing what they’ve gone through makes me want to help kids experience a better life."

Campers say: "I'm nice, funny, amazing."


Jamal Reid, 21, Maryland

School: Attended Southern University; interested in cyber security 

For Fun: "I enjoy all sports, especially swimming."

Growth: "I've learned how to work with children and that I cannot treat every child the same. I also learned how to problem solve and establish boundaries between my roles of friend and counselor.

Campers say: I'm nice and chill. They would rank me in the Top 3."


Rebecca Nerius, 19, Pennsylvania

School: Sophomore at Alvernia University, early education major (special education)

For Fun: "I like taking pictures of plants and water color painting."

Growth: I've learned patience with people and to set limits on how much I tolerate."

Campers say: "I'm nice, funny, awesome, and weird, but serious sometimes."


Schram Constant, 17, Pennsylvania

School: High school senior at Reading High School  

Fun Fun: "I like to sit down and chill."

Growth: "This experience has taught me patience." 

Campers say: "I'm not too strict, but know how to have fun at the same time."


Jonathan "Jon Jon" Williams, 19, New York

School: College @ Oaks, veterinary science, veterinarian: music, NY

For Fun: "I enjoy singing, especially duets with mom, graphic design, fashion, sports

Growth: "I've matured. I learned that there's a time and place for everything; I realized that this jog was not about chilling but being responsible to watch someone's kid."

Campers say: "I'm fun and chill, not too strict."


Breana Clopton, 17, Virginia

School: High school senior at Orange County Public Schools, Fredericksburg, VA

For Fun: "I enjoy reading. My favorite are "girl power" books."

Growth: I've learned that patience is key and I need more of it!"

Campers say: "I'm nice, stric , funny, wild, and caring."


Jade Pride, 19, Alabama

School: Freshman at Oakwood University, business major with plans to study culinary arts

For Fun: "I enjoy sleeping and listening to music, cooking, and talking on the phone."

Growth: "I've learned that all children are different and come from various backgrounds. Also, I need to match their energy as much as possible to keep them engaged. In addition, I realized I need to take care of myself and to be timely.

Campers say:: "I'm laidback, timely, and understanding."


Seth Holmes, 17, Virginia

School: High school senior at James River High School

For Fun: "I like to play basketball."

Growth: "Since it has been my first work experience, I would say I grew in knowledge as someone working on the inside instead of looking from the outside."

Campers say: "I'm tall and playful, but understanding."


Jeremiah Douglas, 17, California

School: Freshman at Oakwood University

For Fun: "I enjoy listening to and making music. I also play the drums."

Growth: "I learned how to work with people and have patience."

Campers say: "I'm chill."


Camara Ellis, 20, Pennsylvania

School: Sophomore at Penn State Harrisburg, psychology major with plans to be an  art therapist

For Fun: "I write poetry (about life), and enjoy creative writing."

Growth: "I started off shy, but I toughened up and became more strict."

Campers say: "I'm chill and cool."


Morgan Stevenson, 20, Maryland

School: Junior at Southern University, chemistry major with an intent to be a chemical patent lawyer

For Fun: "I enjoy singing."

Growth: "This experience has taught me to have patience and has given me a different perspective on adapting to a different work environment. I also got experience teaching science."

Campers say: "I'm bossy and graceful."


Tayla "Tay" Hilaire, 22, New Jersey

School: Senior at Oakwood University, nursing major with plans to be a nurse anesthetist."

For Fun: "I like to relax and listen to music."

Growth: "I've leaned patience, and that I'm surprisingly good with kids.

Campers say: "Well, they call me Momma Tay. They say I'm cool, but serious when it's time to get to business."


Jahirrah Johnson, 17, New Jersey

School: Freshman at Rutgers College at Burlington

For Fun: I enjoy reading books, including science fiction and biographies. Two of my favorite biographies are Gabrielle Douglass and Adolf Hitler.

Growth: "I'm learning more patience and how to be understanding. My attitude has improved and I'm learning to trust people."

Campers say: "They tell me all the time that they love me and that I'm fun and goofy, but serious when needed."


Justin Thornton, 21, Pennsylvania

School: Senior at Oakwood University, Political Science major with a business management minor. 

For Fun: "I like to play basketball. I am also interested in piano, poetry, spoken word and photography."

Growth: "My leadership skills have increased. I learned how to work with people and manage different personalities. I can identify the strengths and weaknesses of others and myself."

Campers say: "I'm chill and I treat them like I would want to be treated. I don't like to be all over them, but I do set guidelines for them to follow."


Taylor Long, 19, Maryland

School: Sophomore at Oakwood University, Early Childhood major. "I want to own a chain of daycares."

For Fun: I like to watch movies, especially thrillers

Growth: "I learned patience and endurance and how to work well with others"

Campers say: "I'm laidback."



TAsk force in action