Forty Years of Fit!

This year our Fit 4 You Retreat celebrated 40 years! When it first began, under the leadership of Gwen Foster, it was actually called Fitness for Life. The goal for the retreat has remained the same over the years, to teach individuals about adopting a healthier lifestyle. One that is holistic in nature and includes mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

This year's primary focus was on R-E-S-T, one the laws of health most taken for granted. For two weeks, presenters dealt with topics such as: 

  • rest and the environment

  • the benefits of plant-based living

  • foods that induce rests

  • resting in faith

  • wise eating out choices

  • forgiveness, patience, and self-acceptance

In the afternoons, campers took advantage of fitness options such as Zumba, strength training, hiking and walking


In addition to regular exercise, campers enjoyed vegan cuisine for all meals. Breakfast included daily staples like fruit, flaxseed and nuts with entrees like: Chick pea a la King over English muffin, breakfast beans, and breakfast pizza. Dinner included dishes such as tortilla vegetable lasagna, portobello florentine, garbanzo patty with a fillet of eggplant, and a sweet potato stack. Supper was the lightest meal of the day and mostly featured a soup, like red lentil, split pea, carrot ginger, and celebration soup.

One awesome take-away for those seeking to adopt a plant-based is that Fit 4 You also publishes a recipe book that campers can take with them. Check it out!


Fit 4 You Retreat ended with a 70's themed 40th celebration. Our Fit 4 You campers want to be fit, but not at the expense of having fun, and enjoying time together.

Here's to 40 more years!

LaTasha HewittComment