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The Prayer warrior

Prayer is the breath of the soul.  It is the secret of spiritual power.  God's messengers must tarry long with Him, if they would have success in their work.  - Gospel Workers pp. 254, 255

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The Progressive

We realize that we need to reach across a broad spectrum to be able to evangelize the world.  We are currently seeking mission-minded individuals who would like their technological expertise to work for the kingdom of God.


The Professional

Literature evangelists are involved in a vital ministry.  They meet people in all walks of life and help to lead them to Jesus.  As independent agents, they run their own business and ministry simultaneously.

The Publishing Department exists to promote the sale and distribution of truth-filled publications, developing leadership, and recruiting and training literature evangelists.


Jean Good, Northern New Jersey |

Reginald Alexander, Washington D.C./Northern VA |

Doris Deguzman, Administrative Assistant

610.326.4610, ext. 362 |

Literature Evangelists "On The Battlefield"


Youth 4 Change

2017 Literature Evangelist Outreach


We acknowledge that the world is the Lord’s vineyard.  We are just HIS laborers.  He is able to use sharpened tools more effectively than dull ones.  As iron sharpenth iron, YOUTH FOR CHANGE sharpens and polishes our youth to serve.  By joining our ranks the youth will gain the following life essential gifts. 

Sales training, Leadership Development, Personal Discipline, Enhanced Communication Skills, Business Management, Social Development, Educational Skills, Pastoral/Bible worker knowledge, Preaching and seminars, Discovery and utilization of spiritual gifts