Adventist Youth Ministry is a specialized ministry of the church that seeks to address the particular needs of young people in their own environment and respond to them as they are, and to incorporate them into the fellowship of the church - a caring Christian community.

Patrick Graham, Director

610.326.4610, ext. 340 |

Orien Clairmont, Administrative Assistant

610.326.4610, ext 336 |



AY Mission - The Salvation of youth through Jesus Christ. We understand youth ministry to be that work of the church that is conducted for, with, and by young people. AY Aim - The Advent message to all the world in my generation. AY Motto - The love of Christ compels me. AY Pledge - Loving the Lord Jesus, I promise to take an active part in the youth ministry of the church, doing what I can to help others and to finish the work of the  Gospel in all the world.

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Youth leaders are encouraged to stay:

  • Konnekted to AEC Youth Ministries

  • Konnekted together through ministry entities

  • Konnekted by our mission and vision

  • Konnekted with our values

  • Konnekted to Christ