AEC Educators Attend NAD Education Convention in Chicago


The North American Division ‘s Education Department hosted the 2018 Teachers’ Convention in Chicago August 6-9. The theme "Encounter Jesus: Experience Excellence" engaged more than 6,000 educational professionals, 59 of them from AEC! "We were happy our educators were able to experience the convention as a family and were also able to attend seminars that will help them better serve our students," says John Alberty, AEC Superintendent of Schools.

With more than 400 sessions, educators explored teaching and learning, principal leadership, school climate, culture, social and emotional learning, student engagement and motivation, serving underserved populations, and so much more.

The convention is the largest Seventh-day Adventist professional development event. Held every 6 years, the conference is designed to increase knowledge and build the educator's tool kit to create effective, supportive, and engaging learning environments for your students.

“A big reason we do this convention is to thank teachers for the hours, months, and dollars that they spend to be the hands and feet of Jesus and the voice of Jesus in the classroom every day,” said Larry Blackmer, director of the NAD Education Department.

In addition to the breakouts and general sessions, more than 200 exhibitors displayed resource services, higher education curriculum, professional development publishing materials, online educational resources, and more.

What an opportunity to experience Christ and learn, see old friends and make new ones! At Thursday's closing general session, educators were charged to encounter Jesus every day and experience the excellence of Adventist Education... we accepted the challenge. So until next time... see you in 2024.

Info contributed by Terry Griffin