Welcome to our CONNECTION AND MINISTRY CONFERENCE (CAMCON) AWARDS, where we are celebrating excellence in communication within our Allegheny East Conference churches. Send questions to

Submission deadline is March 25, 2019!



Best Church Newsletter/Publication

This award is given for the best print project by a church. Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: design, content, and print medium.

Best Church Bulletin

This award is given to best church bulletin. Entries will be judged on cover design, overall design, content, and readability.

Best Church Website

This award is given to best church bulletin. Entries will be judged on design, content, easy navigation, current/up-to-date, uniqueness, and ministry focus.

Best Church Video Production

This award is given to best church video production. Entries will be judged on concept, imagery, creativity, messaging, editing, photography, and use of music (if any).

Best Church Social Media Presence

This award is given to the church exhibiting a strong, effective social media presence. Entries will be judged on content, consistency, creativity, and interactivity.

Robert L. Booker Award for Communication

The Booker Award for Communication is presented annually to that person, or entity, that best exemplifies timeless service, innovation and dedication to the mission of Seventh-day Adventist Church Communication; being a pace-setter and mentor to others seeking to provide similar service to their church community.

* Winners will be announced at the Communication Conference on Saturday, April 27th