The OFFICE of EDUCATION exists to prepare certificated staff and students for teaching and learning in the 21st century through holistic development. 

John Alberty, Superintendent

610.326.4610, ext. 331 | jalberty@aecsda.com

Gloria Perry, Associate Superintendent

610.326.4610, ext. 320 | gperry@aecsda.com

Cynthia Poole, Associate Superintendent

610.326.4610, ext. 311 | cpoole@aecsda.com

Jodi Ann Kelly, Administrative Assistant

610.326.4610, ext. 333 | jkelly@aecsda.com

The AEC School System has 11 schools spanning 5 states and the District of Columbia

2019-2020 3-Way Scholarship


AEC First Day of 2019/2020 School Year

2019 Spelling Bee

2019 Stem Fair

Education Day 2019

Students Proudly Singing School Song

2020 Robotics Tournament

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