aec history

Our History

It was on July 26 and October 9, 1966 that two special committee meetings were held in response to the action of the Allegheny Conference Constituency, in session May 1, 1966 , in Baltimore, Maryland, recommending the division of the Allegheny Conference and the establishing of two regional conferences effective January 1, 1967.

            Elder Cree Sandefur, president of the Columbia Union, served as chairman of the special committee, and T.R. Gardner served as Secretary.  The members present were: Charles Anderson, Nelson Bliss, Gilbert Boyd, Paul Cantrell, W. L. Cheatham, L. G. Cox, William Davis, C. M. Hickerson, Cornelius Jones, J. H. Lester, Osborne McLain, L. R. Palmer, L. R. Preston, E. A. Robertson, Henry Shelton, H. D. Singleton, J. F. Street, W. A. Thompson, C. B. Tivy, Ernest Waller, E. F. Willett, U. S. Willis and Neal C. Wilson. (Edgar Bradley, A. N. Brogden, C. L. Brooks, and W. L. DeShay were guests.)

            This committee voted that the constituency meeting for the western part of the Allegheny Conference be held Sunday, November 13, in Columbus, Ohio; and that the constituency meeting for the eastern section of the conference be held on Sunday, November 20, in Baltimore, Maryland.  After discussing the matter of who should serve as representatives at the coming constituency meetings, the chairman read the recommended list of churches to be included in the eastern and western sections.

            In the constituency meeting of November 20, 1966, the delegates for the eastern portion of the conference elected Elder W. A. Thompson, President and Elder Edward Dorsey, Secretary-Treasurer.

            On January 1, 1967, the Allegheny East Conference commenced operation with: 

44 Churches

7,144 Members

$776,589.43 Tithe Base