Email additional sheets as attachments to Please include your name on each sheet submitted.
A description of what you stand for (such as work ethic, organizational interests, management philosophy, values) and where you see yourself in two to five years.
A short description of the guiding principles that drive you and give you purpose.
A summary of your education, achievements, and work experience, using a chronological or functional format. Completion of the Allegheny East Conference application. And a text-only version of your resume.
A detailed examination of your skills and experience. This section should include the name of the skill area; the performance or behavior, knowledge, or personal traits that contribute to your success in that skill area; your background and specific experiences that demonstrate your application of the skill.
A detailed listing that highlights the major accomplishments in your career to date.
A sampling of your best work, including reports, papers, studies, brochures, projects, presentations, etc. Besides print samples, you can also include CD-ROMs, videos, and other multimedia formats. Please inform AEC HR ahead of time for necessary technology/equipment.
A way to showcase multiple skills, including your written communications abilities. Include the following: Writing Samples. Please select two of the following scenarios to complete your writing sample. Be creative with the details, where necessary: A. E-mail: Respond to following e-mail. “I have tried several times to reach Pastor Graham, and have been unsuccessful. Does anyone do any work in that department? This lack of communication is unChristlike. I need to hear from someone right away. B. Program Greeting: You receive a request from the Royal Doves Pathfinder Club at the Bethuel, Seventh-day Adventist Church requesting a greeting from Pastor Patrick Graham to be included in their program booklet for their special Pathfinder Day. C. Letter of Appeal: to a potential non-Adventist donor who has expressed interest in knowing more about Adventists and how the youth of Allegheny East would benefit from their monetary contribution. D. E-mail Announcement: Create a short paragraph encouraging youth leaders and pastors to promote an upcoming teen youth retreat at Pine Forge, April 12-15, 2015.
A collection of any kudos you have received -- from customers, clients, colleagues, past employers, professors, etc. You may consider including copies of favorable employer evaluations and reviews.
A collection of any certificates of awards, honors, and scholarships.
A list of conferences, seminars, and workshops in which you have participated and/or attended.
A description of relevant courses, degrees, licenses, and certifications.
A listing of professional associations and conferences attended – and any other professional development activities.
A listing of your military service, if applicable.
A description of any community service activities, religious and or volunteer or pro bono work you have completed, especially as it relates to your career.
A list of three to five people (including full names, titles, addresses, and phone/email) who are willing to speak about your strengths, abilities, and experience. At least one reference should be a former manager/supervisor.