The OFFICE of EDUCATION exists to prepare certificated staff and students for teaching and learning in the 21st century through holistic development. 

John Alberty, Superintendent

610.326.4610, ext. 331 | jalberty@aecsda.com

Gloria Perry, Associate Superintendent

610.326.4610, ext. 320 | gperry@aecsda.com

Cynthia Poole, Associate Superintendent

610.326.4610, ext. 311 | cpoole@aecsda.com

Terry Griffin, Curriculum Coordinator

610.326.4610, ext. 352 | tgriffin@aecsda.com

Jodi Ann Kelly, Administrative Assistant

610.326.4610, ext. 333 | jkelly@aecsda.com

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Education Update: Episode 1


First Day of School Pictures!

Baltimore Junior Academy


Jessie R. Wagner Adventist School

Calvary Seventh-day Adventist School


Trinity Temple Academy

Dupont Park Adventist Junior Academy


Wilbert F. Mays Adventist School

NAD Teacher's Convention 2018


Background Checks

Safety is one of our highest priorities, and therefore, all of our employees are required to pass a full background check.